Interdisciplinary designer, visual artist, musician, and photographer based in New York City with 7 years of experience who specializes in print design and packaging.


–– Modal Form
–– Severed Mercies
–– Blankstairs
–– Hospital Productions
–– Dais Records
–– Mom+Pop

–– Willy Chavarria / FW15
–– Dickies x PTC / SS16
–– The Arrivals NYC
–– SPIN Mag x Nordstrom / Level Up

–– Modal Form / Poster Series

Modal Form is a monthly music event series run by myself and dear friend, Matt Parent in NYC. It's been running since 2017, hosting a diverse range of local and international artists. For the first 11 editions I designed a template that only varied in alternating foreground/background colors and pattern design for the lower two thirds of the flyer. This first template contained fixed guidelines for artist/event information. Beginning at the 12th edition I created a new template that maintained the foreground/background color alternations but allowed for unrestricted placement of artist/event information and aiding graphic elements.

Edition No. 12
Edition No. 22
Edition No. 26